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Business travel

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The planning of the business trip abroad regardless if it is training, corporate holidays or business meeting – it is quite difficult because it is necessary to consider many different details.

The quality of the travel will depend on the quality of preparation. Our Company is taking care about preparation for foreign travel of different number of people or complexity. Rely on our experience.

Our benefits

Cooperation with us not only convenient but also favorably.

Flight tickets

Search the best options. Booking. Tickets issuing. Lowest price. Minimum service fees. Promotions

Railway tickets

Quickly. Convenient. Booking and purchasing railway e-tickets using UKRZALIZNYTSYA price.

Buss tickets

Buss e-tickets.
Ukraine domestic and abroad.
Group tours.


We are working with hotels directly. Book here – it is cheaper than


Support during foreign travel. Individaul and group service. Interpreter’s service.


Different types of insurance programs. Compulsory medical insurance.

Convenient form of payment

Full package of documents for Companies to prove the costs spent (receipts, acts, contracts, etc.)

We arrange


Conferences abroad. Planning your travel. Full package of the preparation and planning. From the detailed plan to hotel reservation, tickets and all other services that you may need abroad (conference rooms, coffee brakes, lunches, dinners, sightseeing).


Preparation and arranging the trainings abroad with inviting the best trainers in your business area. Sorely trainer’s selection. Super attention to quality of training materials. The best balance: training and relax.

Corporate relax

Preparing the corporate travel for relax and team building. Group transfers. Individual approach. We propose the best option for relax and entertainment of your team based on your desires.

Foreign business travel

Preparation and planning your business travel. We optimize the costs for business travel of your employees. We will select, propose and book the most comfortable accommodations. We will find the most convenient flight options.

Individual tours

We will arrange the individual tour to any country in the world. We will consider all your wishes and desires. We will advise the most interesting places to visit. We will create the distinct tailor made tour with the best possible options. We already have many thankful reviews from very demanding travelers.

Shopping tours

We will create the shopping tour. Sales Tours to World Fashion Capitals. Fashion show and other Fashion events. We will suggest where you can find the best diamonds, high quality shoes or other fashion brands. Shopping wisely and for pleasure.


We will arrange the travel to visit remarkable worldwide events. Sport competition, Concerts, Exhibitions, Movie festivals, etc. We will be happy to arrange your travel to any event around the Globe you are interested in.

VIP Service

For people who like comfort and appreciate security. We will arrange your travel with the high level of quality and service. VIP service for each step of your travel. The level of comfort depends only on your demand. We propose the best – you select your trip.

Service price transparency

We propose the full transparency and report of the costs spent. You will see the price of each service, ticket, hotel room. You pay only for what you receive.

How do we works

Our customers know how sorely we are working with each travel.
Each project for us as a piece of art.
We have projects that we made during half a year.
We don`t want to make quick fix – we prose the individual approach.
Please contact us in advance!
We have several projects going on simultaneously so it would be pity if we would not be able to satisfy your expectations.
We need to have time to prepare your tour on the highest level.

  • Step One

    time | Takes only a few minutes

    On the first step, you need to provide us with your expectations. If you already have the plan – please provide, if not - just let us know what do you want and we will plan the trip according to your wishes and ask the details later.

  • Step Two

    time | Will take about 24 hours

    We need some time to work with your request. We will study all possibilities and will inform you about the result. We value your time and will give you response during 24 hours.

  • Step Three

    time | Will take one working day

    In case you agree to get service from use – we will send you the Service Agreement. We don`t ask about prepayment – you will pay along with reservation, tickets, etc.

  • Step Four

    time | Will take time depending the complicity of your travel request

    We have started to work with your travel request. During this step, we are working closely together with you to get as much as possible about your demand. We will build your travel plan to fulfill all your requests. We propose – you select.

  • Step Five

    time | Will take time about a few days

    After confirming all details and creating the travel plan we will book all hotels, tickets, transfers, guided tours, sightseeing, additional services.

  • Step Six

    time | We made your Travel. Time to go!

    We made your Travel. Time to go! It is time for your travel. We prepared and checked everything. Focus on your travel! We are taking care of all details! Everything is under our control!

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